27 November 2013

Fresh Milk & Real Fruit: Raspberry & Blueberry (@Frumoo) [By @SpectreUK]

Made with Fresh Milk and “Real” Fruit (as opposed to that plastic fruit you sometimes find in reproductive bowls on reproductive tables in old mansion houses to show what plastic period dressed dummies would eat if they could move from their static positions in front of pretend log fires, because now let’s face it, if the “real” staff made a “real” log fire the whole plastic reproduced mansion house would melt into a gooey puddle of “real” plastic goo), this pasteurised milk drink with raspberry and blueberry needed to be shook well after a period in a “real” refrigerator. On opening the bottle there was a milky fruity smell, with a definite odour from the raspberries first followed by the blueberries. I must admit that the taste was a little more subtle than the smell. There was a raspberry zing first then a heavy hit of blueberry, but they mixed well together with the very creamy, almost naughty feeling milk. This drink gave a “real” creamy fruity flavour to the taste buds. I thought this drink perfect for a healthy feeling after lunch or dinner treat. I really enjoyed it and would certainly have it again.

Information on the label;
The 230ml bottle had 76 calories and 2.1g fat per 100ml and was made with British Dairy Farmer’s Milk, by the Lake District Dairy Company. This pasteurised milk drink with raspberry and blueberry needed to be kept refrigerated. The ingredients included; Milk, raspberry puree, water, sugar, blueberry puree, pectin, natural flavour, citric acid, and food colourings (from radish, pumpkin, apple, and tomato).
By Spectre

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