16 November 2013

Honey Chrysanthemum Tea Drink (Vanguard Market) [By @SpectreUK]

Honey Chrysanthemum Tea Drink sounded to me like something someone would drink when they are ill, struck down by some sort of strange pretentious bug that only people who drink obscure pretentious drinks may catch. It sounded soothing yet weird enough for a cure for any ailment that you may pick up whilst holidaying in the Far East. I did like the translation on the side of the 250ml cardboard carton which stated; “Please consume immediately after opening”, as if it would go off immediately afterwards if not drunk there and then! I decided to be slightly rebellious when I opened this carton; I had a decent swig and then popped into the kitchen to wash the dishes, leaving the carton on the side table where I usually sit to watch the TV. I could feel the carton glaring at me from the living room as I washed the dishes. It was nagging at my senses as I could just make out its irritancy from the corner of my eye as I pulled the plug from the sink, leaving the dishes to drain for Cinabar to put them away later that evening. I must admit that first sip had played on my mind during the few moments away from the carton. The dark yellowish clear liquid had tasted like I’d had a tea drink prepared by a swarm of bees that had just happened to have visited a flowerbed full of Chrysanthemums that very day. There was a floral sweet honey taste embellishing the light tea flavour. I’d expect if I was to eat a Chrysanthemum that had been wiped over by the juice from a thousand bees and dunked to steep in a vat full of tea; this would be what it would taste like. If I’d have had any ailments at the time of drinking I’m sure that these would have been liberally washed away. The honeyed sweetness and floral healthy goodness mixed in with the light tea flavour is still begging me to buy another carton. And I’m sure I would down it in one full gulp immediately after opening!

Information on the label;
Manufactured by Vitasoy, in Hong Kong.
98 calories. Ultra high temperature technology - no preservatives.
Ingredients: Chrysanthemum Extract, water, sugar, honey, acidity regulator, stabiliser.
By Spectre

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