18 November 2013

Matcha Green Tea Hot Chocolate (@Prestat) [By @cinabar]

As unusual combinations go this one really caught my eye. Matcha, green tea, is a favourite drink of mine, I've seen it in many forms, from a regular tea through to a green looking latte drink, but this one is still a new one on me. I opened up the box and found it was full of pale green flakes!
To make the drink I followed the instructions and heated a drop off milk in a mug and mixed it with 5 teaspoons of the flakes and stirred it to make a paste. I then topped up the mug with more hot milk and mixed it all together. It actually came together quite easily and made a nice smooth drink without there being any lumps. The packaging suggested you could add cream at this time but sadly there wasn't any in the Foodstuff Finds fridge. :-(
The drink itself is pale green in colour and did remind me if those Matcha lattes I've had in Japanese restaurants. I took a little sip and picked up on a different flavour to the one I was expecting, Earl Grey tea. After that initial fragrant taste the smooth sweet tones of white chocolate and Matcha did appear, and were leafy and sweet and very soothing. I like the Earl Grey taste at the beginning, it was fresh and almost citrusy and it did break up the flavour. However I did have a look at the packaging to see if I was going mad, but it did contain Bergamot (the flavour behind Earl Grey tea) so at least it made sense as to why I could taste it. This is a bit different to any hot chocolate I've had before, but it was certainly easy to drink. I loved the flavour combination, its cleverly executed and one I'll be wanting to have again and again.
I’ll will have to get some more though, it is the only hot chocolate I’ve ever seen Spectre drink, and now he is using up the box!
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

I'd be a bit iffy on trying that. I've always been very particular about my tea. I like it simple. I once tried the English speciality of adding milk to my green tea and it was ghastly. Perhaps, I prepared it wrong, what with having a higher ratio of milk to tea. Who knows?

Harmony said...

I love this hot chocolate! Ever so milky
I also enjoy just nibbling on the flakes themselves
I'm keen on trying other Prestat products but no idea where to get them from, any ideas? (as I was given this hot chocolate for christmas)

cinabar said...

I've tried a few department stores that stock Prestat but they didn't have it. I think the only options are the Prestat store in London or on their website.