8 November 2013

Fudge Kitchen - Chocolate Gourmet Miniatures (@fudgekitchen) [By @cinabar]

Fudge Kitchen have come up with a very different looking chocolate selection box consisting of nine chunks of chocolaty sounding fudge. None of the pieces are what you'd expect from a traditional selection box in that none of them are dipped in chocolate, but they do have a chocolaty theme and look no less impressive. I've never seen fudge presented in this way before, and I couldn't wait to tuck in.
Firstly I was pleased to see that the pieces of fudge were decently sized, taking at least two bites rather than a quick whole bite. I also felt that the selection of flavours was really interesting and varied, with the presentation being top notch. All of the fudge pieces were different and each one looked nearly decorated. Some has lines of chocolate, some fruit or nuts and one had edible gold lustre, fab!
There were a few traditional sounding flavours like the Belgian Chocolate Swirl and the Rich Chocolate Classic, but these were still perfectly executed with rich enjoyable flavours. I liked the White Chocolate and Raspberry fudge, it was very buttery and the smooth flavour of the white chocolate worked perfectly with the tang of raspberry that ran throughout.
It goes without saying that the Hazelnut Heaven was high on my list too, as regular readers will know I love chocolate and nuts. This was a smooth fudge that had both hazelnut and cocoa entwined. It reminded me of a buttery soft praline and oozed luxury, a proper treat.
On the more daring side sat the Chilli Chocolate, which I approached with caution. The sweet flavours of chocolate fudge filled my taste buds but what followed was a distinctive chilli tingle, which turned into a mild burn that lingered for a minute even after three sweet had gone! It certainly showed the exotic side to this selection box.
I loved trying all the different fudges and thought that this box would make an excellent gift. It's really nice to see fudge presented in this way, allowing you to really appreciate all the different flavours. If you are looking for a gift for a chocolate lover but want to get something a bit different, I don't think you could go wrong with these Chocolate Gourmet Miniatures.
By Cinabar

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