9 November 2013

Mini Babybel Gouda flavour (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

I’ve never been too fond of the red covered Babybel, as it has always tasted quite plain to me and not very interesting. Strangely I like different items of food to taste plain and some foods I prefer bursting with flavour. I suppose it also depends on mood. Sometimes I feel like a flavoursome bag of crisps to go with my lunch and other times I want a plain bag of Ready Salted or No Salt crisps with a good flavoursome pint of pale ale whilst enjoying an action packed movie on the box. As I’ve discussed before; the lightly salted or No Salt crisps can bring out the flavour of beer rather than block it out like more flavoursome crisps can do. However, I digress... I do like cheese to be flavoursome. Give me something fairly stinky or blotched with bits of blue any day over something dull, yellow and bland. I tasted the Goat’s Cheese Mini Babybel a while ago and loved it. I have the Goat’s Cheese Mini Babybel in now as a regular fridge friend next to my Barry Norman’s Hot and Spicy Pickled Onions and Mini Marmite Cheese.

This Gouda flavour Mini Babybel had an orange packet and yellow outer shell. Like the regular plain Bablybel and Goat’s Cheese variety there were six Babybels in a net bag. On unwrapping this cheese smelt a little Swiss Cheesy, which was promising... It tasted creamy and a little plain to start with but the main Gouda flavour came at the end of chewing and travelled into the aftertaste, which was lovely. This Babybel definitely didn’t taste bland; it tasted “Gouda” rather than “bada” (sorry!), and I would definitely have it again. Welcome, dear friend, to the Barry Norman Hot and Spicy Pickled Onion shelf!

Information on the label;
Cheese specially made with Gouda, which is a naturally high source of calcium. Made in France with natural cheese and free from artificial colours. Each Babybel is 20g. Per Mini Babybel there was 68 calories, with 5.6g fat, and traces of sugar.
By Spectre

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