19 November 2013

Haribo Christmas Chocolate Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes (@OfficialHARIBO Asda) [By @Cinabar]

Christmas isn't really complete without festive sweets and Haribo never disappoint with their selection. This year they have branched out into some rather smart cakes, all lovingly topped with Haribo sweets, and they do look beautiful!
There are two types available, the Cup Cakes and the Fairy Cakes:

Haribo Christmas Fairy Cakes
These come in multi packs of six and consist of a small chocolate sponges with a little chocolate icing and a single Haribo sweet on top. They are quite mini when you take them out of the packaging, but they would be perfect for a kids party, as they are small but cute. The chocolate sponge is tasty, and the chocolate icing adds a lovely touch. I couldn't decide as to whether I should pick off the Haribo sweet and eat it after, or if I should eat it with the rest of the cake? So I had two so I could test both options! ;-) Obviously it worked perfectly separately, but I rather liked all the flavours together too, it added a nice bit of texture and a fruity flavour.

Haribo Christmas Cupcakes
These fab looking cakes come topped with several Haribo sweets and are available in twin packs or a spectacular Christmas tree shaped tray of twelve. Like the fairy cakes they have a chocolate sponge base, but on top of these is a huge swirly dollop of soft chocolate icing topped with sweets. These felt a bit more substantial to eat than the fairy cakes and a better size for adults. The bonus of having the extra sweets and icing on top makes them extra special.

I think it is fab the way Haribo are diversifying with these new cakes, they are really fun looking and wonderfully seasonal. I can't imagine a nicer treat for a party or for work colleagues on the last day before the Xmas break. Or get a twin pack and treat yourselves!
By Cinabar

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