10 November 2013

Coco Cafe Latte & Mocha [By @NLi10]

Some things are nice. When you combine two nice things sometimes you get amazing! Chocolate and peanuts are a good example - you wouldn't think these go together (unless you are American and used to this) but the Snickers is a really nice snack.

Here we have the combo of coffee and coconut milk (and chocolate).  I like all of these things individually, but how does this mix fare.

These arrived packaged up nicely with coffee beans and shredded paper so that the smell wafted out when you opened it.  This was a pleasurable experience.  As we have documented my fun with caffeinated products a few times I decided to save these for a Friday where sleep wasn't necessary and took them to the local games shop.

Unfortunately these are drinks in little boxes - there is no way to photograph the content while you are out so here is a close up of the packaging.

My favourite coffee is probably the latte (usually a decaf, but I can cope with one regular no problems) so I started with that.

First you get a coffee hit, then you taste the coconut behind it. This is a confusing sensation and while it isn't unpleasant it wasn't something that I loved.  I wanted the milkiness, I wanted more sweetness and I wanted a rounder flavour.  I did keep drinking it though, and the lady who runs the game shop became interested enough to have a sample  - and absolutely loved it.  When foisting review stock on unsuspecting people the ultimate complement is that they not only want more but they then want to buy some for themselves.  I promised to bring in the Mocha flavour on my next visit.

I gifted her the Mocha as this combo wasn't really to my liking, but I did have a sip just to confirm.  This added the sweetness the other was lacking, but I still couldn't quite get past the odd combo.  She however loved this too and was most grateful for the gift,

I think that if you are looking for a coffee-like drink with high caffeine levels that is a bit more summery, or a touch unusual then you'll probably love this.  If you are the person who love the fact that no-one else likes the coffee chocolates in the box and gets to eat them all this could be your new favourite thing.  I think i'll stick to my green smoothies!

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