14 November 2013

Aussiemite - Yeast Extract [by @NLi10]

Mite.  I'm not sure exactly what it means in a food context but it appears in a few significant places.  MarMite is the main one in the UK, VeggieMite in the AUS.  Here we have a new yeast extract spread (new to me anyway) called AussieMite.  This sounds like something that you have to watch out for on holiday (poor guys got an infestation of aussiemites) but does seem to match the naming convention that exists for these foods. Except for Bovril, which may have meat in it or something.

Fairly unassuming and normal so far.  The ingredients suggest that corn is used to feed some yeast and then someone decided to eat the black stuff that comes out.  I'm pretty glad they did though as this is an interesting one.

Seen here on the Co-op's finest 4-for-a-pound bread rolls we have some AussieMite.  I forgot to take the picture before having a bite, but you get the idea.

Essentially this tastes like a less sharp Marmite.  I think that it's more universally loveable as that edge that makes people screw their faces up isn't apparent.  It also somehow has a fruitiness to it that I hadn't expected.  I had two cobs of this and was generally satisfied with the amount I'd put on - I maybe could have gone for more.

While it's no Nuttella (I can't picture many people eating this out of the jar with a spoon) I do think that this is one I won't have trouble finishing the jar of.  I almost want to spring the other jar on relatives so that they can see how it compares to their usual black, suspicious goo but I think i'll have a few more lunches with it first and see how fast my supply depletes.

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