5 November 2013

All Butter Rose Biscuits For Tea (@Tesco Finest) [By @cinabar]

There are quite a few new goodies appearing in the new range from Tesco Finest, and I couldn't resist giving the new Rose biscuits a try. As much as I love rose paired with rhubarb or even just on its own in Turkish Delight, I can't recall having seen it as a biscuit flavouring before now.
I had a little nosey at the box and was impressed by the simplicity of the ingredients list, every item was natural and there wasn't a single complex sounding ingredient in the box. In fact all the biscuits contained were wheat flour, butter milk, sugar and rose.
Inside the box were eight quite sizable squares of shortbread, each one coming in at 90 calories so they don't seem to bad a treat with a cup of tea, which incidentally is the serving suggestion. I would imagine this would go well with a floral tea like Earl Grey but as I was feeling rebellious I actually brewed up a cafetiere of coffee instead. :-)
The biscuits had a light dusting of sugar on them, and where a smart pale cream in colour. I really enjoyed the flavour of these too, the balance of rose was spot on, there were no qualms about its presence, but the flavour still remained delicately floral. The sweet and buttery flavours of shortbread still shone through and it was still easy to identify the underlying biscuit flavour. The texture was good too, they were firm but crumbly, exactly as they should be. I think the way to judge a biscuit is to see how long they last once opened and this pack was empty within the afternoon, enough said really.
These biscuit are something a bit different, a new flavour and a bit of a posh treat. I can't wait to see what other goodies are coming out in the rest of the new arrivals in the range.
By Cinabar

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