12 November 2013

Mr Kipling Exceedingly Merry Black Forest Whirls (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

For reasons I don't completely understand the flavour of Black Forest Gateaux seems to have become seasonal, and is getting an association of being Christmassy. At this time of year I don't see that as a bad thing, in fact it means there are loads of goodies for me to lap up, but come next spring I'll be mourning the missing flavour.
As a fan of all things chocolate and cherry when I saw these whirls in Tesco the box went straight into the trolley. There are six in the box, all dusted with a sprinkling of icing sugar.
The biscuits themselves are very crumbly and almost cake like in texture, it was nice a texture though, almost melt in the mouth. They are a bit messy to eat mind, as the crumbs and icing sugar get everywhere!
The cocoa flavour was good, not to overpowering to cover the biscuit taste but certainly enough to add some serious chocolaty goodness. The cherry added a pleasant zingy fruit flavour that I really liked, but Spectre too enjoyed it, as he isn't a great fab of cherries I figured there must be an element of generic fruitiness rather than pure cherry. There was a creamy flavour intermingled with the chocolate and cherry that really gave these the full black forest gateaux experience, and I thoroughly enjoyed one of these with a freshly brewed coffee. In fact everyone who tried them was commenting on how nice they were, so I must pick up another box or two before Christmas and stock up.
In other exciting related news Black Forest Hot Chocolate is back at Costa, get it while you can!
By Cinabar

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