29 November 2013

White Hot Chocolate (@CostaCoffee) [By @cinabar]

I am a big fan of Costa’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate, so much so that it was hard not to pick it on my last visit. In the name of Foodstuff Finds, and trying everything on the menu, I was rather drawn to the new Christmas launch of the White Hot Chocolate.
When mine was made up I was a little surprised by just how much cream was on my drink, now I’m all for a bit on top of my drink, but if you look at the picture, it started from the T on the Costa logo – oh my. I also noted it came topped with a berry sauce (cherry I think) which seems like an odd combination for a pure sounding drink. Interestingly the Costa website lists this drink as: “topped with cream and white chocolate sauce” but also shows a picture of a drink topped with red sauce.
Anyway once I’d managed my way through the cream, I got to the white hot chocolate. The first thing that hit me was that it tasted very syrupy and it even felt a little thick and slightly gloopy. This was very sweet, and although it did have a flavour of white chocolate about it, it tasted like brown sugar with a hint of something else something even vaguely floral. Even my sweet tooth was a bit taken aback by the strength of the drink.
Although it did what it said on the tin, ie an albeit very sweet white hot chocolate flavour, by the end of it I couldn’t imagine myself ordering it again. Perhaps I just had too much cream, or it was made with far too much syrup, or perhaps I just knew I was missing out on the wonderful Black Forest Hot Chocolate?
Anyone else tried it? What were your thoughts?
By Cinabar

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