4 November 2013

Domino's Twisted Dough Balls: Hot Dog / Belgian Chocolate (@Dominos_UK) [By @cinabar]

This is not the first time I've seen Dough Balls on the menu at Dominos, I think they have been available for a while, but in flavours like garlic and cheese and I've only ever thought of them as a garlic bread alternative. During a recent order the new Hot Dog variety caught my eye, available with or without mustard, so I added some to our order. Then I clicked on desserts and I couldn't believe what I saw, a sweet version! The chocolate variety got added too. I don't normally get a pudding from Dominos so thought it would be a nice extra treat.

Twisted Dough Balls Hot Dog and Mustard

There are six of these in the box and each one comes with its own mini hot dog rolled in the middle and a line of yellow mustard. They do have more than a passing resemblance to mini sausage rolls, but the minute you bite in you can tell the difference. The pizza dough is soft and bread like and works well with the hot dog sausage really helping to recreate the flavours of the real thing. The mustard was tangy, but not hot so shouldn’t be too strong for anyone. We loved having these as a side dish with our pizza, they break up the meal nicely and don't contain any garlic. I always feel bad having garlic bread, particularly if I have work the next day, as the smell lingers! :-D

Twisted Dough Balls Belgian Chocolate

After we finished off our mains, we opened up the box for dessert. There are a few hybrid cakes on market at the minute, from doughnuts mixed with croissants to muffins mixed with doughnuts, it is definitely the current trend! Dominoes have gone for pizza bread mixed with chocolate, and why not. Again there were six in the pack, but a couple didn't quite look as good as the others. All the hot dog versions had a mini hot dog in them, but not all the chocolate ones appeared to have much chocolate, and when we tucked in I can confirm two had little flavour, but I'll focus on the good ones for now.
The Dough Balls were still warm, and came dusted with icing sugar. The chocolate chips were melting into the warm bread base turning them into a sticky chocolate filling, which made them even more appetising.
I was impressed that the dark chocolate chips were of a good quality and the flavour worked well. It reminded me of chocolate spread on bread, and certainly worked as a combination. As new hybrid desserts go, this'd one gets the thumbs up! It’s just a shame that a couple of them didn’t have much chocolate, I’m hoping I was just unlucky because if they can sort that out then I’ll be ordering these again.
By Cinabar


The Guy Next Door said...

I am so hungry for these now !!! Thanks for the review

Joanne said...

I have just tucked into a box of these with my husband. They looked scrum my and were oozing with melted chocolate……HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT :(. They had a liberal sprinkling of salt and tasted strongly of garlic.

cinabar said...

Joanne - oh no, they shouldn't be like that!! You should ring the shop and let them know, someone must have used the wrong sprinkles :-(