30 November 2013

Pop Up Soup – Spicy Lentil & Coconut [By @SpectreUK]

I’d been saving this Spicy Lentil & Coconut Pop Up Soup, which Team Grasshopper had very kindly sent me, for a cold and rainy day. It came to lunchtime on my own one Saturday with cold dollops of rain washing the morning frost away for me to select this soup from the Foodstufffinds shelf, and make a hearty doorstep ham and mustard sandwich as an accompaniment. I popped open the lid and pulled off the plastic cover, added freshly boiled water and stirred well whilst the concertinaed plastic container slowly rose. The powdered soup mixed well together into a thick creamy concoction. There was a definite initial punch from the lentil, chives and onions in this creamy mix of coconut, mushroom and spicy pepper soup. It tasted fantastic and I really enjoyed the complexity of flavours blended together in this smooth mixture with the added warmth from the peppery spice, which followed through into every lip smacking aftertaste. The size of this soup pot was perfect for a lunchbox. I would definitely have this soup as a spicy warming starter to an evening meal or again as an accompaniment to a sandwich or some bread and cheese for lunch.

Information on the label:
The 25g recyclable Hopper Pot of 100% natural soup had a cardboard sleeve to slip over the Hopper Pot whilst eating on the move. The Hopper Pot contained 100 calories, with 5g of sugar and 2g of fat. The vegetarian friendly ingredients included; potato starch, lentil four, fat powder, potato powder, maltodextrin, caster sugar, dried mushroom, yeast extract, oat bran soluble fibre, salt, onion chopped and powdered, garlic powder, chervil, chives, black pepper, caramelised sugar powder, and white pepper
By Spectre

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