25 November 2013

Cumberland Sausage & Wholegrain English Mustard Crisps #loveeverymouthful (@TescoFood Finest) [By @Cinabar]

I have spotted a lot of turkey flavour crisps out at the minute but I still have an eye out for flavours I haven't tried before and I managed to spot these in Tesco. I love crisps with a rich meaty taste, ironically turkey flavour is a firm favourite of mine, but the idea of some added meaty spice made these really appeal.
Once the bag was open the aroma was heavy with spice and herbs and it made me look forward to the crisps. They had a good crunch, and were of a medium thickness. They felt nice to bite into without being too firm and sharp. The flavour though was quite something, it was rather full on.
The initial hit on the taste buds is very much that of pepper, followed by the distinct flavour of pork. Here the complexities of the flavour kick in further, and under the heavy spice and pepper I could detect herbs; sage in particular, and somewhere in the background a hint on mustard. Given the name of these crisps and the fact that it is supposed to be English mustard I did expect that specific flavour to be stronger, but you can't for a minute accuse these of lacking in taste. They are heady with flavour and a warmth from the seasoning that leaves a tingle on the taste buds even after each crisp is finished.
In short I thoroughly enjoyed these crisps, but they came across more as spicy sausage rather than with mustard; the bag still didn't last long though!
By Cinabar

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