23 November 2013

Salty Dog – Flame Grilled Steak Crisps (@saltygrrr) [By @spectreuk]

A while back I tried Salty Dog Ham & Wholegrain Mustard flavour and also Ready Salted flavour crisps on a trip to the local garden centre. I recently had a drive back to the same garden centre and picked up a packet of Flame Grilled Steak Crisps to have with my lunch at work one day. I was amused that Cinabar had such troubles trying to photograph the shiny packet too. I have had quite a few different varieties of beef flavoured crisps in my time and wanted to see how Salty Dog’s Flame Grilled Steak Crisps stood up to them. On opening the packet these crisps had a light smoky beef smell to them. The crisps had a lovely smoky salted beef flavour and a decent crunch. They weren’t bursting with the beefy flavour that most beef crisps I have tried have a habit of doing, but that was strangely a welcome change. They didn’t overpower my ham and mustard sandwich, Mini Marmite Cheese and tomato; these crisps complemented their flavours, making for a pleasant lunch full of flavours rather than; “eat the beef crisps... my sandwich tastes of beef crisps, my cheese tastes of...”

Whilst I was at the garden centre I had the Strong Cheddar Cheese & Onion Salty Dog crisps, which were very nice indeed, and went very well with my usual tuna sandwich. They had a lovely strong cheddar cheese flavour with a decent bite from the onion and a lip smacking saltiness. It’s obvious from the depth of flavours of these Salty Dog crisps that the small family business in Chesham, in Buckinghamshire, really does care about the fine quality crisps that they produce. I now not only look forward to visiting the garden centre for my fat meaty tuna sandwich, but also for these crisps, as it’s the only place I know where to buy them from. Watch out, as these Salty Dog crisps definitely bit back! :-)

Information on the packet;
Suitable for vegetarians
40g packet in which there were 192 calories, with 11.3g fat and 0.9g sugar.
Ingredients: Potatoes, sunflower oil, flame grilled steak flavour (yeast extract, rice flour, onion powder, dextrose (wheat), sugar, salt, flavourings, paprika). These crisps contain wheat and gluten.
By Spectre

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