24 November 2013

Tebay Services baked goods (@TebayServices) [by @NLi10]

Cinabar has often spoke about a mythical land up North where there is a service station like no other.  Instead of identikit Costa and WH Smiths and machines to steal the pounds out of parents pockets its like one giant Farm Shop with a restaurant with food cooked on the premises made from local ingredients.

This place is known as Tebay services and as we were up that way we decided to stop and have a look.  The other, previous Tebay goodies are reviewed here.

While in the giant shop part (filled with stuff even I haven't seen before) I spotted the fresh cakes and we took a couple to eat in the car.

First up we have the Raspberry & Almond Blondie.

This was my choice and had large whole almond halves and decent sized raspberries and a divine texture that was just firm enough to keep it all together.  Ordinarily I'd offer to share this kind of thing to try all the flavours at the table, on this occasion I did not.  Though the slices were small it was filling enough.

My partner had the Ginger crunch.  It must have been nice as I didn't get offered any to try either!  She said it was very nice and I could see it also had big chunks in it and a thick layer of chocolate on top.

If you are anywhere near the Lake District in the UK then it is very much worth planning your journey around Tebay Services.  Sure, the new breed of places with Waitrose in are less unpleasant than we are used to, but this was a joy.  If it were more local you'd be tempted to go just to shop - and I think we could do a years reviews just on their products alone!

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