2 November 2013

Wonka Crème Bruelee (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

This is the third new bar from Wonka that has launched in the UK. It was actually a bit more difficult to find than the other which seem to be stocked more widely. Still I did find it in huge Tesco in the next town, so maybe that says more about where I live!
This new bar is quite pretty when opened, with the chocolate pieces all having a round coin like motive on the top, some decorated with a W for Wonka. The pieces of chocolate are quite thin but are fairly wide squares so still feel quite substantial. The bar is quite a sweet affair, with its sugary mousse filling. There is a nice rich flavour of vanilla and good helping of brown sugar and cream making the bar impressively sweet and rich, but I have to say it was very reminiscent of a proper Crème Bruelee. The texture is pleasant, the mousse is smooth, but there is a gentle crunch from what feels like brown sugar crystals distributed within each piece.
It’s as nice bar and it does go a long way to recreating the dessert it is named after, with its set dairy custard like filling. I have a sweet tooth and as such rather enjoyed the bar, but it may be to sugary for some.
I think the biggest issue for me with the new Wonka range it's that the brand gives the image that it should consist of crazy and adventurous chocolate ideas, and yes all the bars have been nice but Cadbury still have the upper hand with their Marvellous Creations range .With Cadbury having bars with popping candy and cola jellies I do think Wonka are going to have to sprinkle some more imagination into their next product.

By Cinabar


krnries said...

Yes, it was far too sugary for me, and then has big pieces of sugar in it too.

I picked my bar up from Morrisons last week, where it was on special offer, btw.

Lisa said...

I haven't tried this yet as it only seems to be available in the large bar size, and I'd prefer to try a smaller bar first. Has anyone seen this on sale as a small bar?