15 November 2013

Baked British Gammon With Winter Berries Crisps #loveeverymouthful @Tesco Finest [By @Cinabar]

It's the time of year when all the Christmas goodies are appearing in the shops, and this means that the seasonal edition crisps are in stock! Okay there are a fair few brands that have the obligatory turkey flavour, but this new variety from Tesco Finest sounded even better. Baked British Gammon With Winter Berries Crisps!
We eagerly opened up the pack to share and could immediately smell some rich meaty aromas. The crisps were fairly thickly cut, they had a nice crunch without being too hard. The flavour was really good, interesting and complex. The ham taste was the first part to appear, it was distinctively that of gammon, with a nice salty meaty flavour, that almost seemed to have a hint of smokiness.
What followed was the fruity aftertaste, I swear I could pick up on a hint of orange, but it wasn't mentioned on the ingredients list. What was clearly there was the Christmas classic cranberry sauce, which worked rather nicely with the meat flavour. The mellow meat taste was enhanced by the zingy acidic fruit that followed, and it gave these crisps the complexity of the flavour. There was also a subtle herby background which gave even more depth.
These crisps turned out to be rather moreish, and the packet didn't last long at all. They were a lovely way of representing a different sort of Christmas crisps. You could just imagine the gammon joint coming out of the oven, covered in orange slices and dripping in a fruity glaze - yum!
By cinabar

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