20 November 2013

Original Spree (Import Shop) [By @SpectreUK]

Original Spree are roughly one and a half centimetre wide discs, which are hard on the outside, very crunchy, and they shatter into a tasty powder in the mouth once bitten into. There were five colours in the cylindrical packet. Yellow had a fizzy sour lemon flavour, which gave me a real buzz and I really couldn’t get enough of this flavour. I could have happily eaten a whole packet of yellow Sprees and probably got half the way through another. Orange had a fizzy sour orange flavour. Again, I had an instant buzz from this flavour. I really liked it. I was very impressed so far by these sweets. My tasting session was going very well. Although I was wary of the red and purple colours because I was expecting the dreaded cherry and grape flavours I was so accustomed to when trying Wonka’s sweets. Red, of course, had a fizzy sour cherry flavour. There was an initial unpleasant cherry zing from these sweets that would probably appeal to some, but not to me sadly. However, I did enjoy the sweets as the sour cherry flavour progressed in my mouth. Still red colour was not my favourite flavour so far. Purple was a sour grape flavour with a chemical aftertaste. Please stop with the grape flavour. It just doesn’t work as a sweet! As I’ve said a thousand times (okay... exaggeration) that grapes are like natural sweets, there is no point in trying to copy a natural sweet, when the natural sweet always tastes better. Green was the mildest of these sour sweets, and had a good fizz followed by a slight watermelon flavour. The greens were very nice actually and were a refreshing change from the red and purple colours. I really enjoyed these Original Spree sweets, the yellow and orange flavours were fantastic, green gave a pleasant buzz, red a little uncomfortable, but not so bad, but purple was best not to mention!
By Spectre

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