22 November 2013

Burt's Guinness Rich Beef Chilli Crisps (@BurtsChips) [By @cinabar]

I discovered these crisps in the independent newsagent a short walk from my work (we were on a mission to buy milk, which we did) but these caught my eye on the shelf. Although I have tried Guinness crisps before, they are amazing if you haven't already picked them up, this still sounded like an intriguing flavour combination. The addition of chilli does sound a bit curious; I could have imagined the crisps working some beefy notes, but spice too? Well I couldn't wait to try them.
I opened up the bag and the aroma of chilli became immediately apparent. It dawned on me they meant proper meat chilli as in with rice rather than chilli it its purer form. The crisps were thickly cut, and speckled with a dark brown seasoning.
I bit into one and the flavour was distinctively that of chilli con carne. The spice was nice, it had a pleasant tingle but staying at the level of warm rather than being too hot. As the meaty chilli flavour died down the after taste was very much that of dark malty Guinness. Gosh these were seriously tasty moreish crisps; I just wish I knew somewhere else that stocked them. Perhaps I need to volunteer to fetch the milk more often at work?
By Cinabar

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Anonymous said...

I tried these out of a vending machine and loved them but cant find anywhere else that sell them