17 November 2013

Marybake - Belgian White Chocolate Butter Flapjack [by @Nli10]

At work, by the tills in the canteen there are a variety of fattening and unappealing snacks at slightly inflated prices.  Being a hospital canteen this is advisable - we all gravitate towards the actual meals and the fruit (and the free water instead of the £1.40 fizzy drinks).  On one occasion I spotted a slightly different range.  Appealing packaging and large lumps of recognisable ingredients in a 95p bar that looked just perfect to pull me through the late shift.

There were a range of flavours but I felt that white choc was the one for me.  When the allotted time of about 6pm came I opened it up and sampled away.  The texture was a lot more rough than I'd expected, almost close to biscuity and the visible chocolate bits were in abundance in the actual bar too.  Unlike most flapjack snacks this wasn't stodgy and tasted like it advertised.  This was a winner! I'm not sure whether these will be in stock all the time at work, but for the odd occasion I will be happy to pop one of these on the tray next to my wrap and tap water as a little treat.


  1. It's times like this that I wish my work had a shop :P

  2. :D

    I tried the chocolate flapjack since (regular style - cox on top) and it had none of the magic. Sticking to this version...


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