4 April 2024

Chicago Town Weekender Stuffed Crust - Salt & Pepper Chicken [@NLi10]

We happened to be in Asda so got to see a different range of pizza to normal - including some more interesting stuffed crust options. 

I love 'salt & pepper' chicken which seems to be the catch-all term for little bits of spicy chicken (even though the salt & pepper batter is really a very specific thing.

Just looks like normal chicken - and the brown blobs melt into the pizza as sauce

The meat seems decent - but the flavour here seems to be all around the outside.

The whole official picture does look quite lovely 

Mine less so - I had it too low in the oven so it burnt the base and that meant the whole 'raw dough' thing didnt' really work.  I know what the pizza itself is like so that parts fine - the new topping though was the interesting part.  It's very much like the Marks & Spencer Chinese Chicken - only with a chilli kick.  I'd have this again - but keep an eye on it in the oven!

Bonus: Cheese

We did have two pizza in the oven - higher up and therefore cooked better was the cheese option

I added herbs to this so it looked less boring.

Lots of colours in their cheese

Reality is a bit mono - but the cheese had started to brown in places.  The herbs really added to the smells here which was nice - but my partner said that it was a little too salty overall and many pints of water had to be consumed in the night!

A good set of options for pizza night  -but I think I still like the thinner bases.

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