12 April 2024

Shloer Summer Punch Sparkling Fruit Drink (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Shloer Summer Punch Sparkling Fruit Drink

The weather might not quite be saying summer, but this new drink is the Shloer Summer Punch Sparkling Fruit Drink. I can’t resist a new flavour of Shloer; it is my favourite posh soft drink, and I do buy them quite often as an alternative.

This version simply declares itself to be a summer punch, which wasn’t nearly enough detail for me to understand the flavour. There is a bit more description on the back of the bottle that says it is a sparkling juice drink with strawberry, cucumber, and mint. It also suggests pouring the drink over fruit and ice, but I didn’t go that far, even though that would look super pretty if there were people coming around.

I did pour the drink straight into the glass; it has a light pink colour and a nice fizz. I gave it a try and was super impressed with the flavour. This drink is all about the strawberry, which we just don’t get enough of in soft drinks. The flavour then went onto a lovely blast of herb mint, and that worked so well with it; it was fresh and well balanced, and it did taste very grown-up. As I said, I drink Shloer regularly and always get the limited edition flavours, but this one would take some beating; they should make it all year round. This Shloer Summer Punch Sparkling Fruit Drink is very different, and the mint flavour and sweet strawberry were an absolute delight. 

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