2 April 2024

Heinz The Godfather Pasta Sauce (Waitrose) By @Cinabar

Heinz The Godfather Pasta Sauce

When Heinz made this new product, I guess they were making an offering I couldn’t refuse. Sorry. Inspired by the legendary movie, we have a new sauce in town: Heinz The Godfather Pasta Sauce. I picked this up because of the novelty and the film reference. There is authenticity, though, and it is made as per Peter Clemenza’s instructions in the film. 

I made a mistake here; I thought this was a jar of pasta sauce, and as such, I also bought a packet of meatballs to have with it. It turns out it wasn’t a jar of pasta sauce in the sense that it was a sauce that needed meat; it was a complete package with mini meatballs already in it. So we ended up having a lot of meat in the ratio with this! The meatballs in the jar are small and not like the drawing of the front of the jar, or indeed, the ones I added. 

Anyway, I cooked some pasta (not spaghetti, oops), made the sauce with large meatballs, and served. The pasta had a lovely aroma, and I could pick up on the garlic, tomato, and really nice herbs. 

Taste-wise, it needed the proper meatballs; the ones included were small and not that flavorful. With the large meatballs, it worked well. The flavours were fresh and rich, and the contrast of meatballs and tomatoes was lovely. This sauce worked well. I’m not sure I’d buy this Heinz The Godfather Pasta Sauce again, though, just because of the mini meatballs inside the jar. They didn’t add value, and I’d rather add the meat element myself. 

Heinz The Godfather Pasta Sauce

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