7 April 2024

Bikaji Soya Sticks - Masala Munch {@NLi10]

 Crisps are great, 'Bombay' Mix is great - so why not just buy a whole bag of the one crispy bit from the mix that you fancy?  It is Ramadan after all.

This is Bikaji brand version- and Masala Munch sounds exactly like what I want.

Oil, tapioca starch & gram flour - and more importantly Ginger, Chili, Tumeric powder - instead of potatoes makes this a little different in texture to British crisps, and a welcome change.

You can still have them as a side with your sandwich too - and it adds a little spice to the proceedings.   Lovely and crunchy, and just spicy enough to get your attention but not so much that you need a drink alongside.  I do plan to eat lots of these with a beer (maybe during today's Wrestlemania) but they are more of a snack.

As I'd taken this to Nanna's I also got an ace slice of home made cake with Damson jam - but made by her gardener!  Puddings at lunch time is always a welcome luxury.

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