25 April 2024

Cathedral City - Hot Cheesy Bites (Iceland) [@NLi10]

 Iceland have done it again - make an oven ready version/range of something you recognise!

This time it's those big blocks of cheese.

Cathedral City is an acceptable brand to bring home as long as I don't accidentally pick Mild.

This is extra mature so a safe bet.  Easy enough to cook.

And there's only twelve so might as well do them all!

As a 'side' with a veggie curry for my partner and her sister they seemed to do well and worked like a very white version of paneer.  They did indeed get through all 12 with no issues and said that they were very good and suitably cheesy.  I have been asked to get more - so if they still exist (the downside to Iceland) then I'm sure we will have these as a replacement to the Chiquito's halloumi cubes that seem to have vanished again.

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