9 April 2024

Heinz Beanz Curry Edition (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Heinz Beanz Curry Edition

Recently, Heinz has treated us to a wonderful new product, the Heinz Beanz Cheesy Cathedral City Edition. This wonderful can of beans had the grated cheese pre-mixed in for the ultimate lazy cheese and beans combination. I loved them; they are so quick to heat and add to a jacket potato, which makes a great meal. The cheese was plentiful and had such a nice taste. 

The next new variety to hit the shelves is this Heinz Beanz Curry edition. I bought a can and waited for my jacket potato to cook in the oven. The contents warmed quickly in a pan; they smelled nice, and I poured them over the potato. I love this kind of food. 

The beans are nice, but they didn’t wow me. The tomato-based sauce is there, and the beans have the usual nice texture. The curry element is mild and has a slightly sour, spicy taste. It reminded me of a curry dip flavour rather than a proper curry taste. I think I was expecting more of a softer, warming taste like a proper curry sauce, and although the taste was pleasant, I wouldn’t run out for another can. I may have also been spoiled by the Heinz Beanz Cheesy Cathedral City Edition, which was absolutely yummy, and these Heinz Beanz Curry Edition were just nice.

Heinz Beanz Curry Edition

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