21 April 2024

Seriously Spooky Ghosts - Kitkat Sweet Potato (Korean) [@NLi10]

 Happy Halloween leftovers!  Spotted these in the Korean grocery shop, but obviously left over from Trick-Or-Treat.  They'd not been discounted but need to be eaten pretty fast.

The theming and bag is top notch - it even folds out to make a pumpkin display (if you can be bothered to colour it in)

As usual these are made in the one special KitKat factory in Japan they opened for all the weird flavours - and is just a specific regional variation.

Super packaging - all the same flavour though.

And that flavour is white chocolate kitkat.  Seriously - If I gave this to someone and said 'what does it taste of' then the answer would be white chocolate. 

No wonder then that at £5 a bag they had quite a few left.  Not disappointing - as these are still crunchy and taste great, but I think I paid a lot more just to recycle some spooky packaging in April.  Ah well.

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