6 April 2024

Vocation Chocolate Caramel Cookie Stout ( @WeeBeerShop ) By @SpectreUK

Vocation Chocolate Caramel Cookie Stout

After a long week there isn't much better than a gooey chocolatey liquid pudding. This Chocolate Caramel Cookie Naughty & Nice Chocolate Stout was produced by Vocation Brewery. At 8% in volume, it should have a nice alcoholic kick with all the sweet caramel and cookie flavours, and smooth milk chocolate. Gosh, it's making my mouth water writing about it.

Malted barley, oats and lactose were added in the brewing sporting flavours of biscuit, chocolate, and even salted caramel. I can't help looking forward to drinking this Chocolate Caramel Cookie stout whilst it washes down my Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate Easter egg for pudding tonight. I'm slowly working my way through quite a stash of chocolate after Easter.

On opening the can there was a powerful sweet chocolate caramel aroma from the deep dark brown, almost black liquid inside. On taste there were bittersweet roasted milk chocolate flavours combined with an oaty biscuit taste, sweetened with gooey caramel, and more roasted chocolate malt into the aftertaste. Gosh, this Chocolate Caramel Cookie stout washed down my chocolate Easter Egg a treat.

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