16 April 2024

Banoffee Pie Drinking Chocolate (Hotel Chocolat) By @Cinabar

Banoffee Pie Drinking Chocolate (Hotel Chocolat)

I have no idea why we are getting so many new interesting hot chocolate flavours in spring compared to the winter offerings, but I’m all for it. Hot chocolate is not just for Christmas. I spotted this Banoffee Pie Drinking Chocolate in Hotel Chocolat and just couldn’t wait to give it a try.

Banana is a bit of a Marmite flavour; some people really hate it, but thankfully I like the stuff; I like real bananas, and I like banana flavour like you find in milkshakes. You can bring it all on. I heated some milk in my hot chocolate maker, added a sachet of Banoffee Pie Drinking Chocolate, and waited for it to finish mixing. You can make it on the hob too with some hot milk; I just can’t resist a kitchen gadget.

The drink smelled yummy, with loads of chocolate, sweetness, and banana. I gave it a sip, and the flavour was super soothing. There is plenty of caramel and banana, but it still wasn’t too sweet, and chocolate shone through too. It was an impressive mix, and despite the milkshake-like flavour,  it was actually quite a grown-up but fun drink. I can’t wait for my next cup. 

Banoffee Pie Drinking Chocolate (Hotel Chocolat)

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