17 April 2024

Haribo Soda Twists Zing (Cost Cutter in Texaco Petrol Station) By @SpectreUK

Haribo Soda Twists Zing

I picked up these Haribo Soda Twists Zing at a petrol station on the way back from our favourite smokehouse restaurant. As I was running out of calories, I foolishly offered to share them. I know, I try not to let it happen often, but I exercise a huge amount and count my calories every day to rehabilitate from various operations and injuries I've picked up along my way.

These Haribo Soda Twists Zing looked amazing. The bottles were giant, so I believed they should be big and tasty. I was loving the size of them and I reckoned they could be the the reason for going to back to that shop to pick these up pretty often. Soft in texture and sour by nature, I had astronomical hopes for these Soda Twists Zing to be my favourite Haribo of all time.

Haribo Soda Twists Zing

There were three different flavours of Haribo Soda Twists Zing sour sugar coated bottles. Pink and green bottle colour was Strawberry Appleade. There was a definite apple taste, then soft strawberry, then sharper apple. I really liked that one, sour but sweet. These were so good, I could have eaten a whole bag of them.

Next up was the red and brown coloured bottle, which of course was Cherry Cola. Now I don't like cherries, and I don't like cherry sweets. I'm not particularly a fan of Coca Cola either. Well except for Fizzy Cola Bottles, especially the really super fizzy ones that seem hard to come by. These big and soft and sour Haribo Cherry Cola Bottles had the same effect on me. Very sour cola in flavour, pretty much like my favourite Fizzy Cola Bottles, and then a good sour hit of cherries with it. In fact these are one of the best Cherry Cola sour sweets I've ever had.

Last up was the pink and yellow coloured bottles, which was Rhubarb Lemonade. I love rhubarb, so these shouldn't be a problem. And they didn't disappoint. Packed full of flavour, almost rhubarb and custard, these bottles were pretty sour, in fact they caught the back of my throat. Not so much lemon, but plenty of rhubarb and certainly a bucket full of tartness.

These Haribo Soda Twists Zing were pure delight. They were lovely and soft, and I really liked the texture. I'm never keen on rubbery gummies you really have to chew through. I am pleased to say I was right too. These are my favourite bag of Haribo sweets ever. I could quite happily eat an entire bag of each flavour and more. I have to get more of these. How have I only just found these now in my life?

Information on the packet; The 160g bag contains 349kcal per 100g. Please see photograph for further information.

Haribo Soda Twists Zing

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