27 January 2014

Heston - Ginger & Acacia Honey Hot Cross Buns (@Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I was actually in Waitrose looking for some new Saffron Buns, which I’d seen advertised recently, when a new creation from Heston caught my eye. The easter goodies get earlier and earlier as I’m sure I say every year, but I can’t resist Hot Cross Buns, and a new flavour too meant I just had to pick them up. Last year we had Earl Grey and Mandarin Hot Cross Buns from the culinary creative man, but this year’s special from him is ginger and acacia honey.
As per last years Hot Cross Buns, you can’t help but notice the size of these. When split they barely fit in the toaster, a toaster which was specially purchased for its extra wide setting and ability to toast bagels etc. I love that the buns are so substantial, it makes them feel like a proper treat.
When they were cooking away there was a lovely pleasant smell from the toaster, Spectre likened it to incense, as they had a fragrant warming air to them. They didn’t burn, honest, the aroma was just from heating them up!
I chose to have mine plain with just a little butter, so I could fully appreciate the taste of the bun. The first thing to note was that it did taste very much like a Hot Cross Bun, and the strong incense smell had disappeared. There were the usual background seasonal spices, and plenty of fruit packed in their too. What came with it was an extra edge from the ginger, mellowed by a lovely sweetness from the honey. The flavours mingled together well and left us with a nice hint of zingy candied ginger brining out the rest of the Hot Cross Buns flavours. They were yummy, and I’ll certainly being buying them again.
For the record I did also find the Saffron Buns I had been looking for, but somehow this took preference when it came to deciding what to have first from the Foodstuff Finds cupboard.
By Cinabar

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