10 January 2014

Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co: Strawberry & Champagne Chocolate Pizza [@ChocPizzaCo] [By @Cinabar]

The nice folk at the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co got in touch and asked if we wanted to try one of their chocolate pizzas and give it an honest review. Although NLi10 has experienced one before, I couldn't wait to give them a try! I had a browse on their website and this strawberry pizza caught my eye, okay yes, it was the edible glitter... and a mention of popping candy - long may I never grow up!
Just incase you were wondering when I say pizza, there isn't actually a dough base, just thick chocolate, but they do come in a super cute pizza delivery box. Although I only had a small one as a sample, the pizza did look absolutely beautiful when it arrived. It was decorated symmetrically with a red candy strawberry in the centre which was extra eye catching. The glitter on the top did appeal and gave it a proper celebratory feel. For me it was perfect for getting rid of the back to work blues!
I attempted to break a piece of the pizza off to try and I found that it wasn't too keen on breaking on its seem lines, but that doesn't really matter. When I first tried the pizza the thing that hit me the most was how good the quality of the base chocolate was, it tasted really good. All to often novelty chocolate products look nice but lack quality, that was certainly not the case here. The chocolate was thick and creamy with a rich cocoa taste and a well balanced sweetness, I was thoroughly impressed. Packed into the base were freeze dried strawberries adding their sweet berry flavour.
The toppings all looked the part, but again tasted really good. The red sugar coated chocolate beans added some nice colour and texture, and the white chocolate crunchy balls a nice blast of sweetness. The chocolate curls were messy, but did look smart on top. Mixed in with it was a gentle dose of popping candy delivering a fizzy tingle to emulate the champagne.
I think the folk at the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co should be congratulated for coming up with such an interesting novel idea, but executing it with some really tasty chocolate and ingredients. I’d be over the moon to receive this as a gift and it is one of those items that is sure to be remembered.
By Cinabar

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