16 January 2014

Skittles Shake (Tesco) [review by @NLi10]

Yup - that's right.  Someone thought it would be a good idea to take fruity sweets and to turn them into a milk-shake.  I can see Skittles ice-cream working though, AND this was on 2 for £2 at Tesco so I decided that at the very least it was probably filling and gave it a go.

As with most modern milkshakes this is sealed and super treated so while it's better cold it will survive a trip out to play cards.  The reaction of the other people said it all - they were not keen.  Unusually for a public review no-one tried any except me!

The taste is essentially like the aftertaste you get when you cram a whole load of different skittles in at once.  For my tastes it could have had more purple skittle and less yellow, but it wasn't that strong and it wasn't terrible.  It was filling enough and by the end the taste had kind of worn off and it just tasted like milkshake.

I'm not sure I'd rush out to buy more, but I did drink the second the following day with no ill effects and wasn't tempted to give it away or tempt our teenage review team into trying it.  All in all it's more gimmick than great drink, but if you've been looking for the great skittles taste with none of the texture or chewing then this may be for you.

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