15 January 2014

Cafe Latte Truffles (Hotel Chocolat) [By @SpectreUK]

Most people that know me know that I am not a coffee person. I'm a bit of an English fuddy-duddy who prefers his pot of tea after a good meal in a restaurant and can never understand the fascination with the mind boggling array of different ways to present coffee. I prefer to wake up first thing in the morning to a good English Breakfast Tea and a good hearty English Breakfast. To see me drinking coffee is a rarity to say the least. Having said that it is certainly rare, but I do enjoy the very occasional cafetiere, but can't bear instant coffee or coffee from a machine. The only coffee I do enjoy on a fairly regular basis is Turkish Coffee at a favourite haunt of ours in Wolverhampton called Cafe Maxim's.

Changing the subject slightly, Cinabar plying me with chocolates is generally a good idea, although chocolates with a soft coffee centre can be pretty touch and go. The white chocolate from Hotel Chocolat is a huge favourite of mine. It's luscious, creamy, smooth and not too sweet or sickly like some white chocolates on the market can be after eating an enormous bar. Cinabar saw these Cafe Latte Truffles in the Hotel Chocolat shop and thought she'd take a chance. They had quite a hard yet creamy white chocolate shell with a dark chocolate chip topping. The soft coffee coloured ganche centre had a luxurious light coffee flavour. These Cafe Latte Truffles were moreishly absolutely delicious and I would definitely have them again. I would certainly recommend them as a treat after a good meal at a dinner party as an alternative to chocolate mints.

Information on the packet;
Described as milky chocolate and mellow coffee truffled together. Presented in a 90g packet of six Cafe Latte Truffles. There were 237 calories, with 16g of fat and 22g of sugar per 45g serving, which equates to half a packet, although I ate all six in one sitting! These chocolates were suitable for vegetarians. For the ingredients please see photograph.
By Spectre

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