29 January 2014

Foodie News Burst 29/1/14

I do get quite a few press releases about new food goodies coming out, and I also keep up to date with the trade websites - so I thought a new semi-regular news update where I share what I’ve learnt might work quite well? I also though if people found interesting items in shops and let me know I could include those too? Do let me know if you like the idea, send an email or leave a comment below.

I think the most important news at the minute has to be that Walkers Do Us A Flavour is back! Walkers are calling for people to tell them their suggestions for a new flavour of crisps. They have done this in previous years, but this time there is an added element you have to start with a base ingredient, either: Somerset Cheddar, Devonshire Chicken, Norfolk Pork, Dorset Sour Cream, Vale of Evesham Tomatoes or Aberdeen Angus Beef. Then get creative! You could win £1million! To enter your flavour choice go to http://www.walkers.co.uk/create 

There is a new flavour of Jelly Belly coming out, and it has got Spectre rather interested! The new flavour if Draft Beer and it will be launching here very soon! https://jellybelly.com/info/promotions/beerBeanLaunch

Tic Tacs are launching a new flavour too, Apple Burst, which I really am looking forward to. They will be available from February. http://www.sweetretailing.co.uk/index.php/new_sweets_chocolates/view/tic_tac_apple_burst_to_launch

The success of Rowntree Randoms has inspired them to launch a mixed bag called, Sweet and Sour. http://www.sweetretailing.co.uk/index.php/new_sweets_chocolates/view/rowntrees_randoms_sweet_n_sour

With the exception of salted popcorn, I’ve not got on very well with the savoury stuff, but I will hunt out Butterkist’s new Thai Sweet Chilli. http://www.talkingretail.com/products/product-news/butterkist-debuts-new-flavours-for-2014

It is nice to see that there are new Skittles flavours on the way to the UK market, Wild Berry. http://www.talkingretail.com/products/product-news/wrigley-unveils-skittles-wild-berry-variant

Finally ever thought about adding chocolate to your savoury crackers? Cadbury think we’ll all want to give it a go with their new bar: http://www.sweetretailing.co.uk/index.php/new_sweets_chocolates/view/new_cdm_mash_up_countlines\


Nath said...

Those new Tic Tacs are already available in Belgium. I must say they are tasting quite good :).

Matt Walton said...

I bought some of those new Tic Tacs in Nottingham the other day. They're rather nice, although not as intense as I was expecting.

cinabar said...

Can't wait to taste them - which shop in Nottingham did you find them in?