24 January 2014

Choceur - Mint Swiss Chocolate Bar (@AldiUK) [By @Cinabar]

I’ve recently been shopping in Aldi a bit more than usual. There is a branch that has opened up quite near me, and I am loving discovering lots of new products and goodies, and some German classics. Lots of people have recommended savoury groceries to try, and our freezer is pretty jam packed, but I had my eye on the confectionary too as you can imagine.This particular bar seemed a bit like it had everything you can think of in the ingredients list, milk chocolate (30% cocoa), honey, almond nougat and mint and I knew I had to give it a try.
The chunks of chocolate are interestingly shaped as I’ve noticed are a lot of the nougat flecked Swiss style bars, but these broke fairly easily into their allotted pieces. The texture of the chocolate itself was fairly firm, but not overly hard. It had a bit of softness that allowed the chocolate to give and melt quite easily in the mouth. I loved the added texture from the almond nougat, it gave the bar a pleasant feel and wasn’t sticky.
The first flavour that hits you is the sweetness of the chocolate, and cocoa, this is followed by the mint and honey taste with a hint of nut front he almond. There is a lot going on there, but it is rather well balanced and each flavour shows its face nicely without being lost. If the mint were any stronger it would overpower everything and the magic would be lost, as it is it may seem mild but it is spot on to complement the other flavours.
I admit I was a bit skeptical as to whether all the flavours would work together and I found myself very pleasantly surprised. It's an easy eating bar, with a lovely minty twist, and one I’ll be buying again!
By Cinabar

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