31 December 2013

McDonalds – Festive Deluxe and Matchmakers Cool Mint McFlurry [By @Cinabar]

As we count down towards New Years Day, we thought we'd take a trip to McDonalds. For all the snacking we get through we don't eat at fast food restaurants nearly as often as we should. We decided to have a trip to see The Hobbit Part 2 and had some pre film burgers.
There was no doubt in my mind what I was going to try, the festive menu of course.

Festive Burger
To be totally honest I'm not sure how this is festive, in that there isn't a hint of cranberry sauce, or any other traditional Christmas ingredient. There is however a very special burger, and it is fully loaded with goodies. On top of my burger there is bacon, cheese, black pepper mayonnaise, tangy barbeque sauce, red onions and the bun was even cheese topped. Wow, it was quite a taste sensation. I loved the spicy hint to the mayonnaise from the pepper, and the meat feast nature of the burger with its extra bacon. I'm not usually a fan of onions, but liked the sharpness they brought. It was a satisfying meal and was thoroughly enjoyable. It made me wonder why we do go to McDonalds so rarely, as it does make a great pre cinema treat.

McFlurry Matchmaker
There is a tenuous link between the festive nature of Matchmakers and Christmas in that we do always seem to have them at this time of year, but they aren't obviously seasonal. Oh well, who doesn't like chocolate mints!
The first thing I noticed with my ice cream was it's appearance. As I looked on the menu board at the neat fluffy white ice cream topped with chocolate pieces and sauce and then I looked down at what I was actually given which was much more of a mess.
This aside though, it did taste really good. The vanilla ice cream has tons of chocolate sauce, and there were loads of tiny matchmaker pieces too, which added a lovely fresh mint flavour and good crunch. The cold nature of the ice cream ensured the chocolate bits stayed extra crisp.
I actually loved the McFlurry and would have it again, despite its appearance! Just goes to show you shouldn't judge a book by its cover!
By Cinabar

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