9 December 2013

Holy Lama - Spice Drops [By @Cinabar]

This is a bit of a new product on the market. These new Spice Drops consist of droppers which are filled with concentrated liquid spice. The first advantage is that they take up a lot less room in the spice drawer than traditional pots, but the other key point is that they mix with liquid a lot easier. Not to mention they are easy to measure out exact portions with too. For me these new Spice Drops meant one main thing, flavoured lattes!

I am a big fan of flavoured lattes, we have a Tassimo at home and I do have a few bottles of syrups to add variety. My main problem with them is that they don't just add a bit of spice they add an extra hit of sugar too. That's okay but if truth be told I don't put sugar in my coffee, so I'm never that fused by the calories of the extra added sweetness. I’d rather just have the extra flavour, which is why these Spice Drops sounded perfect.

The drops don't add the sugar, they are just spice and they mix really easily into my hot drinks as they are already liquid. I have tried both cinnamon and cardamom in my lattes, and both are heaven. You just add a few drops and they mix in really well, and add a lovely natural none-syrupy taste. The packet advises how much to put in (the different spices do vary) but they add a lovely spicy hint to my hot drinks. I feel it is a much truer cinnamon latte than I’ve had before, with its woody warm hints making a brilliant soothing winter drink. The cardamom in coffee was a magic find. It was one of those that I wasn’t sure whether it would work or not, but again the clean spicy flavour was natural and added a lovely twist to the drink.
I also have tried the mulled wine spices, and I’m sure they would be fab being used with their intended purpose, but I still had hot drinks on my mind. I added it to hot chocolate and discovered it makes the most wonderful Christmas drink in the world! The chocolate just works so we well with all those seasonal spices. It’s my new favourite hot chocolate flavour!
And while I’m being creative I have every intention of making mulled wine flavour cupcakes using these drops as a seasonal treat too!

Holy Lama Spice Drops are available at: http://www.holylama.co.uk/
By Cinabar

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