11 December 2013

Cofresh Savoury Rice Sticks - Crunchy Indian Chakri Sticks (Tesco) [By @SpectreUK]

These Cofresh Savoury Rice Sticks: Crunchy Indian Chakri Sticks were made in Leicester, which doesn't sound very Indian I know, but I've savoured a multitude of spicy snacks from Cofresh in the past and can definitely vouch for their spicy authenticity! Many snackers out there may be looking for a snack that doesn't contain nuts in the ingredients. Although most products like these have been prepared in an environment that handles nuts, there aren't any nuts in the ingredients, which are bad for my digestion. "How do you still write a snacking blog?" I hear you ask. Well, I look around for alternatives, especially as I adore spicy chilli flavoured nuts! Cinabar found me these Indian Chakri Sticks and I just couldn't resist popping open the bag one night in front of a film. There was a strong smell of rapeseed oil on opening the bag. The Indian Chakri Sticks tasted like one of the ingredients in Bombay Mix. Their was an initial taste of rapeseed oil with a spicy mix of cumin, cardamon and ginger. The spice was mild to start with, but built up after every mouthful with its fiery green chilli heat. These Indian Chakri Sticks were very crunchy indeed and very moreish. They were a great alternative to nuts and I will have them as a regular in my snack collection.

Information on the label:
300g bag. Per 100g: 510 calories, 26g fat. Serving size 28g.
Ingredients included: Rice flour, rapeseed oil, wheat flour, potato starch, ginger, sesame seeds, sugar, green chilli, butter, spices, salt, and citric acid.
Suitable for vegetarians, but not for small children apparently as there is a warning on the back of the packet that states that small children can choke on nuts, which should be okay really as there are no nuts in the ingredients!
By Spectre

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