7 December 2013

Tabasco Pepper Cheese (Waitrose) [By @spectreUK]

I've tried Tabasco pizza before, which was absolutely spicy scrumptious. This time McIlhenny Company in Louisiana, USA, has teamed up with Long Clawson Diary in Melton Mowbray, England, which was established 1911, to produce Tabasco Pepper Cheese. On the net packet label there was a medium two pepper heat mark which sounded perfect for a wake me up spicy treat in my lunchbox at work. Popping open the red slab packet and placing it amongst my sandwiches, crisps and cut up tomato, you'll see from the photograph that the yellow cheese had been liberally machine gunned with red pepper flecks. The mentions of Tabasco sauce, the fire engine red packet and the multitude of red pepper shavings throughout the cheddar cheese made me start to panic a little before trying. Okay, okay so how hot can two peppers be? Well, I guess it depends how big the peppers are. I recently ate a hearty meal in a steak restaurant the other day where a friend had a full big long red pepper, I'm talking about eight centimetres, placed on her plate and passed it to me as she didn't want to risk it. Someone else at the table said that the bigger peppers are the less hot they are. Though I can't remember if that was me just being wrong! That pepper didn't half make me sweat! Anyway, I digress. There was an immediate Tabasco tang from this cheese slab followed by a creamy strong Cheddar Cheese flavour. The spicy heat just kept on pumping throughout every succulent bite, beating up my taste buds in a hot red peppery creamy cheesy way. Don't worry though, as the cut up tomato pieces from my lunchbox stopped me from melting into a puddle in front of my colleagues. I really enjoyed this spicy cheese snack and can see it will definitely be a regular in the fridge next to my Marmite Cheese and Goat's Cheese Babybel lunchbox treats.

Information on the label:
Mature Cheddar Cheese blended with original Tabasco pepper sauce.
5 x 30g cheese bars in the net packet total 150g. Per 100g there were 422 calories, with 35.8g of fat and 0.1g of sugar.
Ingredients included; Mature Cheddar, 3% Tabasco brand pepper sauce (distilled vinegar, red pepper, salt), and red pepper flecks.

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