4 December 2013

Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer [By @SpectreUK]

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks are an Australian family owned business. This 340ml bottle of cloudy ginger beer had 1.2g of sugar per 100ml. It’s ingredients included; carbonated water, ginger root, cane sugar, citric acid, malic acid, preservatives; E202, E211, and sweeteners; E951, E950, E955, ascorbic acid, and stabilisers; E412 and E415. I don’t know about your feelings but possibly escaping from the natural ingredients to be replaced with a bunch of E-Numbers didn’t sit so well with me. There also was not much more than 0.5% alcohol in this ginger beer, which I noticed would be good for anyone who wanted the taste of ginger beer who might be on a diet and also either had to drive that night or was a recovering alcoholic who wanted to live life on the edge! There was a strong bitey ginger beer smell on opening the bottle that quite frankly made the hairs stand up in my nose. I poured the cloudy lemonade coloured ginger beer out in a glass and could smell the pungent ginger from a few feet away. The drink was making my mouth water and my senses wish that I was sat on a roller coaster, rather than just about to drink something that might burn my beer tastebuds away. I took a sip and the carbonated water tickled my tongue, followed closely by the taste of ginger, but this was slightly muted. Maybe I’d built this drink up too much in my head? Maybe the promise of strong ginger from the smell had turned me into a slight gibbering wreck? I wasn’t sure, so I took a good gulp. There was more of a bite in that second intake, but I must admit that I was missing the continuous fizz and fiery ginger bite that I’d experienced in so many of the alcoholic ginger beers that I’ve tried over the past year or so. For a non-alcoholic ginger beer that whatever reason you may not wish to partake in the old fuzzy headed feeling, this diet non-alcoholic ginger beer is for you. It’s got fizz, which admittedly doesn’t last long in your mouth, and a minor ginger bite that was lost a little in the sweeteners that plagued the aftertaste. It’s definitely a ginger beer beverage, but I’ll stick to the boozy varieties for now...
By Spectre

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