30 December 2013

Taste the Difference Orange & Cranberry Ice Cream (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

This seasonal ice cream sounded like just the thing for a post Christmas pre New year dessert. Having ice cream for pudding one night seemed like a much lighter idea than all the other goodies that have been eaten over the season; i.e. mince pies, Christmas pudding, Stollen etc. Yet this new flavour of ice cream still seemed Christmassy as it at least contained cranberries.
When the tub was opened I realised it was a rippled ice cream, with a creamy colour for the base flavour and a dark red sauce. I scooped some out, and though it looked rather pretty in the bowls.

Once I gave the ice cream a try, I really couldn’t make my mind up about it. It was a strange flavour combination, and the more I ate the more I seemed to confuse myself, I definitely didn't hate it, but it puzzled my taste buds somewhat.
The base flavour was that of a caramelised orange. It was a strong taste, rich but with a hint of burnt sugar about it. It was like the sugar had caught in the pan, rather than just darkened. Think really dark black treacle, with just a gentle orange taste. It was citrusy, but it had the strangest hint of liquorice in their too. There was ginger mixed in somewhere as well and slightly bizarrely soft biscuit pieces (as they weren’t mentioned in the title or on the front of the tub).
In contrast to this the cranberry ripple sauce was very sharp, and tart. If the main part of the ice cream had been soothing and sweet it would have worked a dream, but in contrast with the caramelised orange taste it was all just a bit full on.
I was left thinking all the ingredients were good, they just didn’t go together - I imagine it is a bit like eating fish fingers and custard, if you see what I mean.
By Cinabar

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