3 December 2013

Jelly Belly French Vanilla Milkshake (Tesco @JellyBellyUK) [By @Cinabar]

I found this drink in the refrigerated section at Tesco which I thought made sense at the time but when I got home I realised it was a bit weird as the drink is made with (semi-skimmed) UHT. The packet states that you only need to refrigerate it after it has been opened. I guess they wanted it to be found next to the popular chilled milkshakes like Frijj.
Jelly Belly have really expanded from their core product range of jelly beans with candles, perfumes, lip glosses, ice cream toppings and even fizzy drinks all appearing under the brand so this milkshake is a nice addition. The brand is quickly becoming a collective of flavours available for a number of different products.
Although there iare a lot of flavours they could have chosen for these milkshakes the launch flavours are banana, chocolate and vanilla so I guess they have started rather safe. Having said that there is nothing better than a good vanilla milkshake, so that's what I thought I'd try first.
It may not need to be stored in a fridge but it is certainly best served cold, so just as our large supermarket had done I did chill this for a few hours before consuming. The flavour was remarkably soothing. It reminded me of a mild custard taste, creamy but with plenty of natural tasting vanilla. Unlike a custard the drink was quite thin, and very easy to swig down. It had a lovely pureness to the flavour and it didn't last long at all. This was a simple vanilla milkshake done very well.
I'm certainly intrigued by the other flavours, and looking forward to trying them. What I really hope for is that Jelly Belly go for a few more of their adventurous flavours in the future and we end up with exiting new varieties like Sizzling Cinnamon. Wow, that would be an amazing shake.
By Cinabar


Shona said...

Jelly Belly are theeee best at faking the real taste of stuff!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear the vanilla was natural tasting, I've found that a lot of the Jelly Belly products (scented candles, EDT perfume, bubble bath) have smelled really artificial so far!

cinabar said...

I'm pleased to confirm - this milk shake had no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours.