28 December 2013

Nik Naks Snackers - Spicy Mix (Sainsburys) [By @SpectreUK]

These Nik Naks Snackers (try repeating that when you've had a few) sport themselves on the front of the plastic tub as "A delicious snack mix of Nice 'n' Spicy flavoured Nik Naks, chilli flavour corn chips, multigrain crispy bites and rice crackers." I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were no flavoured nuts in this plastic tub, as so often fellow Snackers out there may be allergic to nuts. The Nice 'n' Spicy flavoured Nik Naks are my favourite flavour of Nik Naks, so I knew I couldn't go far wrong with these amongst the rest of the variety of snacks in the tub. The chilli flavour corn chips had a muted flavour, especially compared to the Nik Naks. I expected something called "chilli" to have a spicy chilli burn, but they were quite mild with a nice crunch though. The multigrain crispy bites had a decent spice and a strange square corrugated appearance that reminded me of bacon bites. I liked them very much, they had a bit of a barley and tomato taste to them mixed with their spiciness. Their spicy aftertaste was quite hot afterwards. The rice crackers had lovely chilli heat and spicy shellfish flavour. These coupled with the crispy bites made my nose run a little after eating a decent handful. There was enough Snackers in the tub to share with Cinabar on a couple of occasions whilst watching films during the Christmas period. We really enjoyed these Nik Naks Snackers and just couldn't put the resealable tub down once we'd popped it open. Also available in this range are Hula Hoops Salted Mix, Wheat Crunchies Cheese Mix (although this should be either Bacon or Worcestershire Sauce Mix, as they are the best Wheat Crunchies flavours), and Disco Salt and Vinegar Mix.

Information on the tub;
Made by KP snacks limited in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. 190g tub. Each 30g serving has 155 calories, with 1.9g sugar and 8.6g fat. See photograph of rather extensive ingredients!
By Spectre

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