24 December 2013

Morello Cherry Bottle Green With a Hint of Grapefruit (Waitrose) [By @cinabar]

This fab new drink from Bottle Green is a limited edition. It is a sparkling drink flavoured with morello cherry and a hint of grapefruit. I love Bottle Green products, they have had some fabulous innovative varieties in the past, and this one seems like a rather refreshing combination. Previous favourites include a rather cleverly out together blackcurrant and coffee drink.
Back to this one though. When you open the bottle you get a little fizz and hiss when the cap comes off, and once poured out it has an appealing pink tinge to the drink, rather like a rosé. Although this is a soft drink it is clearly aimed at the adult market so don't go expecting a super sweet cherryade. This has a grown up flavour, it's delicate, neatly combined and is just sweet enough. The cherry taste is lovely and natural, and in no way way overpowering. There is a slighter sharper aftertaste from the grapefruit that really gives this drink a nice edge. It adds a citrus taste, that just makes it so refreshing. The sparkling nature of the drink is spot on. Some pops can be ridiculously fizzy, but this just has a nice hint of bubbles, making it fell special rather than being over carbonated
This new drink is perfect for the grown up market, it tastes fruity and its delicate flavour just makes it thoroughly enjoyable. Perfect for those who fancy an alcohol-free fizz for a special occasion or just as a bit of post Christmas indulgence.

By Cinabar

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