25 December 2013

Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale (@TebayServices) [By @SpectreUK]


This dark brown ale was brewed with hard well water from eighty-five feet underground at the Samuel Smith Old Brewery in Tadcaster, which is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire and was established in 1758. To make it sound even tougher, this ale was fermented in stone squares to create its rich dark colour and nutty flavour. There was definitely a roasted barley and nutty odour on cracking the metallic seal and popping open the bottle. It was howling with wind and pouring with rain outside when I started pouring this Nut Brown Ale on the Monday night before Christmas Eve. If we hadn't had central heating and a gas heater, I could easily imagine settling down late at night to enjoy this sumptuous brown ale in front of an open fire with some chestnuts roasting on metal prods. Taking the serving suggestions almost to heart, after all I have to rebel a little bit now and then, I decided to enjoy this ale with a spicy Spanish Paella. There was a strong roasted barley flavour throughout the taste of this ale, leading on a steely bitterness from the hops and leaving a lip smacking roasted nutty aftertaste. The Nut Brown Ale extenuated the chilli, peppery and paprika spices in the Paella, whilst complementing the chicken and spicy chorizo amongst the diced red peppers, peas and thick juicy rice.

I happened to know that I had a three bird; roast turkey, chicken, and goose with pork stuffing on Christmas Day, with purple sprouts, roast potatoes, and plenty of my favourite pigs in blankets. So if I had been lucky enough to have had another of these Nut Brown Ales I'd certainly have enjoyed it with that meal. With its strong roasted barley and nutty palate, I reckon it would also have washed the Christmas pudding down a treat. With this weather outside it seems unlikely it will be a white Christmas this year in the Midlands, but at least I could enjoy it with a hearty brown ale in a warm house and with good company. Cheers! Merry Christmas!

Information on the label;
550ml bottle. 5% volume. Ingredients included; water, malted barley, yeast, cane sugar, hops, roasted barley, seaweed findings, and carbon dioxide. Best served at 55 degrees Fahrenheit or 13 degrees centigrade. Vegan friendly. Serving suggestions with stilton cheese, game such as; roast grouse, pheasant, partridge (so if you fancy eating a partridge from a pear tree!), roast and barbecued duck, guinea fowl; peppered steak; spicy foods; teriyaki, Thai food, Malaysian and Chinese Food, and biryani.

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