6 December 2013

Milky Way Stripey Spread (Sainsburys) [by @cinabar]

As a bit of a chocoholic, it's no surprise that I regularly enjoy chocolate spread on my toast. Generally though there isn't much variety, it's either chocolate or chocolate and hazelnut, and both of these products are invariably in jars. The new Milky Way spread from Mars comes in this fab looking squeezy tube and is flavoured with milk chocolate and vanilla, best of all the two tastes are entwined in stripes! Fab!
The small child in me was desperate to give it a try, effectively liquidised Milky Way, and I remembered we'd ordered a packet of crumpets on our last online order, so I cracked open the packet and switched on the toaster.
When they were ready I started to squeeze the spread onto the crumpet, and loved that the spread really was half white vanilla and half brown for milk chocolate. By the time it melted into the crumpet it became a rather pretty marbled chocolate topping.
I loved the flavour, although the sweet milk chocolate taste was the most prominent flavour, the vanilla added a creamy smoothness to the mix with an extra hint of sweetness too. It did have a hint of Milky Way about it, just with a heavier emphasis on the chocolate part.
The stripes and the squeezy tube are a fab novelty and did make this really fun to use, and tomorrow I'm looking forward to having Milky Way on toast for breakfast, just because I can!
By Cinabar


daisychain said...

This is right up my street, I remember my Nan getting this is jars when I was a kidlet.

cinabar said...

I'm such a child but I love the novelty of the squeeze pack.