22 December 2013

Cauldron Italian Herb Tofu (@Waitrose) [Review by @NLi10]

Here we have a tofu-recipe review.  It's not quite exciting enough for Veggie Christmas dinners in this format but it's a start.

In Waitrose recently I found some pre-flavoured Cauldron tofu.  Usually this comes in the dried form, but here it's all soggy and malleable.  I decided to get one for review as it had 'new' on it.

First up you compress the Tofu to get it to your desired consistency and remove some of the excess water.  I left it plied up like this while watching Ross Noble do his going around the country via Tweets show.  We had a few to catch up on so we got to watch them while we ate too.

As an accompaniment I went for couscous - which while it has the texture and properties of cat-litter is actually quite nice.  I carefully tipped an approximate amount into a bowl and stuck the kettle on.

I chopped up the tofu (which here looks like smelly cheese) and lightly flash fried the outsides to make it crispy.

I threw some Schwartz at the couscous along with some scissor cut sun dried tomatoes from my ingredient shelf.

I served both with some of that fab Little Doone balsamic dressing I reviewed a while back, and had a lovely meal while Ross chased Leslie Joseph around outside a cafe.  A quick and simple meal that was pretty filling and decently healthy (you may want to add veg of some sort too - I'd run out of leafy greens...)

The tofu benefited from the extra flavours that it had been infused with - the normal version can be a bit plain unless you spend time soaking or dressing it.  This was very quick and easy to put together, and you could have just fried the tofu straight from the pack and then added a sauce for a very good flavoured meal.  I think that I'd choose this over the plain tofu and maybe even over the pre-packed and chopped tofu as you have more control over it. The pre-chopped can just be added to things without even much heating though so that has it's own set of recipes for the summer.

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