26 December 2013

Quorn BBQ Chicken Style Pizza Bread [review by @NLi10]

A good while ago I spotted this Quorn pizza bread and popped it in the trolley. It's a frozen lunch size snack and perfect for a weekend.  Only it's not. You see you need to oven cook this from frozen, wrapped in kitchen foil. That in itself isn't entirely unexpected, but it requires 40 mins at gas mark 6.

This is odd, because a regular pizza takes less than half of that time and is larger, and possibly thicker if you chose a deep pan. Then, you could cook a whole garlic bread afterwards and still have some time spare. This makes this small quick snack a lot more hassle than the full meal version of the dish - which is a bit crazy!

It cooks well enough and the topping is lovely and deep, but as a meal it wasn't that filling.  I did think that if you had a party and put say 4 of these in the oven to share then it may work, but pizzas are just easier to slice and share AND cook. I'd love a Quorn topped pizza with a similar rich and deep topping.  The texture of the bread was interesting, but not worth the extra problems.

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